Module 2


The trend of online shopping in Montenegro is constantly increasing. According to the MONSTAT survey, the percentage of those who bought or ordered goods or services is 46.5%. The types of goods or services that people most often ordered or bought via the Internet are:

  • Clothing, sports products 81.4%;
  • Delivery of food or beverages 28.5%;
  • Cosmetic products 20.5%;
  • Toys, furniture 19.1%;
  • Movies, music 14.9%;
  • Video games, other computer software and their accessories 11.3%.

This data does not include traffic that was achieved during cash on delivery payments, which is still the vast majority of transactions created via the Internet. Although this huge growth is partly a result of the pandemic period, according to our analysis, e-commerce continues to grow.

Also, the awareness of the advantages of using an online store is constantly increasing, so it is not surprising that more and more entrepreneurs agree that creating a webshop is one of the most profitable business decisions today.

Having that in mind, we have created modules and tools that will help anyone who wants to start an online business.

Through this module, you will be introduced with the necessary regulations that are a key part of successful business management in the field of e-commerce.

Module 1 of this web platform deals with the regulatory framework of e-commerce. It contains laws related to establishing and running an e-business as well as all other necessary information for legally starting your own online store.

In this module, you will find a guide that in an interactive way shows how to start an e-commerce company, how to sell in the country and abroad, how to protect consumers and what laws are related to the establishment, management and business of e-commerce.

Module 1 consists of:

  • Web guides explaining the legal regulation of e-commerce
  • Glossary of terms in e-commerce
  • Laws related to the operation of e-shops
  • Documents and materials that will serve all potential and existing e-merchants in business