Module 6

Regional e-commerce trustmark badge

To get the badge, each e-seller has to fill out a short online questionnaire in which they answer whether they meet the basic legal requirements for operating in e-commerce. When the answers from the questionnaire are submitted, a verification procedure is carried out by one of the e-commerce associations (Macedonian e-commerce Association, Albanian e-commerce Association, E-comm Asocijacija in BiH, E-commerce Association in BiH and E-commerce Association of Serbia), , following the rules provided by the Code of Conduct.

If the e-seller is a registered legal entity and meets the basic legal requirements, the e-seller will be able to acquire the Regional Trustmark badge and they will be sent the badge for placing it on their web storefront. Otherwise, corrective instructions will be sent to the e-seller, which if fulfilled within a month, will be able to acquire the badge. The e-merchant has the right to promote the regional Trustmark badge to its consumers, to increase trust in its brand.

One of the above mentioned e-commerce associations in the CEFTA region ( at present coming from the respective market same as the e-seller) makes a formal check on the website, i.e. whether the e-seller possesses the necessary basic legal conditions for carrying out the activity, without evaluating the quality, i.e. whether the content thereof is adequate and meets all the prescribed norms.

If there is a Regional Trustmark Badge on the website of a webshop you are visiting, it means that the e-commerce website has made a commitment to work in compliance with the Code of Conduct, guaranteeing ethical standards in the digital marketplace.

The website for application for obtaining a Regional Trustmark Badge will be added additionally.

E-commerce associations that participated in the development of the Regional Trustmark Badge


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