Module 6

(Crnogorski) Regionalna oznaka pouzdanosti u e-trgovini

What is a Regional Trustmark Badge?

The Regional Trustmark badge is a visual mark that e-stores can obtain after going through evaluation which aims to assess their complementarity with a particular set of criteria. Once granted, e-stores coming from the CEFTA markets could display the badge on their web pages. In this way, buyers could easily identify that the store is a registered legal entity. The Regional Trustmark Badge is designed to reduce consumer mistrust and address the biggest obstacle for consumers while making a purchase decision – to buy from a distrustful, suspicious e-seller especially when buying cross-border.

Why you should have a Trustmark Badge on your website?

On the Internet as well as in the real world, the first impression is very important. When potential customers visit your e-commerce website, their opinion of you becomes vital. Particularly when dealing with cross-border transactions, if customers deem you untrustworthy or lacking credibility, they will likely abandon your site. Placing the Regional Trustmark Badge on an e-shop increases the trust of consumers in unknown e-sellers because they know that an independent third party has thoroughly checked the seller’s compliance with laws and regulations, giving the consumer confidence to make a purchase.

What is the purpose of the Regional Trustmark Badge?

The purpose of this mark is to improve the quality of online stores coming from all 7 CEFTA markets and establish trust between online retailers/service providers and consumers who use e-commerce. Establishing trust between e-sellers and consumers will stimulate e-commerce both in the national and international markets and will have a positive impact on the regional economy. The Regional Trustmark badge also enables the e-sellers to be regionally recognized as relevant, without having to apply in each market in which they sell individually.

How to obtain a Regional Trustmark Badge?

Before the Regional Trustmark badge is issued, the store must obtain a national Trustmark Badge from the local e-commerce association. Once the e-shop has the local trustmark badge, the e-seller should apply and must meet the basic legal requirements, and follow the rules outlined in the Code of Conduct, as determined during an auditing period. The badge will only be placed on the websites of e-sellers who have applied for it and have successfully undergone checks by one of the e-commerce associations in the CEFTA region, ensuring compliance with necessary regulations and obligations for operating in e-commerce.

How to recognize an e-seller with a Regional Trustmark Badge?

An online store can display the Regional Trustmark Badge in one or more places on the site. It confirms that an independent audit of the e-seller has been carried out. You can find the badge in different places on the e-shop’s website: in the product description, when displaying your basket, in the header or footer of the page, and in other positions.