Module 6

Regionalna oznaka pouzdanosti u e-trgovini

This is an informational page about the first Regional E-commerce Trustmark Badge for the CEFTA markets. The process for acquiring the Regional Trustmark badge is in development and it will be announced soon.

With the Regional Trustmark Badge, the E-commerce Associations coming from the CEFTA markets will stimulate international sales through better protection of consumers and retailers. As a result, consumers will be more confident about online shopping.
The Regional Trustmark Badge will show that the online shop is checked by any of the national e-commerce associations, in this case, and complies with the laws and regulations necessary for leading an e-commerce business. As a result, the Regional Trustmark Badge will protect both the online shop and consumers from CEFTA markets.

The requirement for an e-shop to be able to apply for the Regional Trustmark Badge is to acquire a local badge from the respective e-commerce association. At the moment, there is currently an active National Trustmark badge in North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina that interested e-sellers can apply for. In Albania and Serbia the local Trustmark badges are also under development and will be launched soon.

The links to the national e-commerce associations with an active National Trustmark badge can be seen here:


The links for the application and the cost of obtaining the Regional Trustmark Badge will be added additionally.